Monday, March 31, 2008

The quilting is done....

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April quilt

The houses a finished, now it will be fused to the batting. For this kind of small wallhangings I use thermolam.
This little quilt is for a 9 year old girl for a catholic celebration. I have to do a second one for her brother.
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dog-show in Luxembourg

Bernese mountain dog

This weekend was a great dog-show in Luxembourg-City, over 6000 dogs were on the show.
Yesterday my two girls were there with friends to help with their 5 dogs. Today Joëlle and Christelle went back with our dogs because they met yesterday on the show a photographer and they would have photos from our dogs...I think I have to show you some of this photos of our darlings..... :-)

long-hair Weimaraner

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Fusing again....

Most important, a piece a paper, a pencil an iron..

The paper I use to design is the backing of Vliesofix (heat'nd bond?). The Vliesofix is ironed on the back of a piece of hand-dyed fabric, than I pull off the backing-paper and reuse it for designing.

The layout, but it may be that it will be changed during the fusing...

The little birds are cut out, so it is easier for me to find the adequate birds a fused to the paper only with the tip of the iron to hold them in's easy to remove them again.
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Here I'm cutting little stripes for the background pieces...all this hand-dyed fabrics have Vliesofix on the backside, so I can cut and fuse the little pieces immediately..

The stripes are fused to a piece of fabric.

The finished background with the little birds...
I will built the houses tomorrow :-)
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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Yesterday I searched the www to find a mini-Iron like this one Melody shows on her blog for fusing (I think she has one from Hobbico). But I needed to find one here in Europe because of the different voltage here in Europe. I found a lot of these little things because they are needed in the model construction. But the prices are so different from 19,90 Euro to over 60 Euro!!!

I found mine now in Austria at Lindinger.

I also have this very tiny iron from Clover, but for me it's a little bit too tiny.
Price is 19,90 and 6 Euro postage.
I placed an order yesterday evening and this morning I had an email that the little iron is already on his way to Luxembourg.
I will tell you about my experiences with this handy tool. :-)


Today no sewing too....the weather is beautiful, so sunny outside. Today and tomorrow we have here in Warken a run for the world championship in trial.

Since early this morning I hear the humming from the motorcycles. One of the competitions is only about 200 m away from our house.

Friday, March 28, 2008

No sewing today....

and no photos, sorry.When you are reading my blog since the beginning you know that we are selling my mother's house. Hmmm....and there are still a lot of things to be moved. The whole day I was in the house to empty closets and putting everything in plastic bags.
The same will be tomorrow :-(
Tomorrow evening we will go out for dinner to celebrate my mother in law's birthday (75).
My sister in law came back from the States yesterday where she lived for some years, her husband has a job out there, but she now has to come back because she does'nt have a green-card. For the next 2-3 years she will work here in Luxembourg and John, her husband has to stay in the States until his retirement.... that will be a hard time for both.

OK...I'm so tired from all the work , all I need today is a shower and my bed.
See you tomorrow....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dogs....and her jewelry :-)

My two girls are doing agility sport with our dogs, so they need different leashes.
Today I embroidered the names of the dogs on the different leaches.
I set my sewing machine on the same settings than for free-hand-quilting and had a jeans-
needle in the machine. It's like writing the name on a piece of paper. :-)
You don't need a stabilizer because it is such a heavy material.
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I think I have to many little pieces....hmm.perhaps the next little quilt tomorrow?

Another leash for a friend of Joelle.....

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dutch treat quilt

Searching for another photo on my PC I found this pictures from my dutch treat quilt.
I designed this two blocks for my personal quilt in 2004 (last olympic games) I wanted to have special memories in my quilt of the year it was sewed.
I love to watch the olympic games on TV.... and as 2008 is an olympic year too, I would like to share with everybody sewing the dutch treat this special design. Feel free to copy and use it.

Another design I made for my quilt because I missed a sewing machine in my quilt.

You may copy and use it too if you like it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New photo.....

Yesterday I posted a 10 year old photo of my son and also yesterday before he started again to university (he was at home for 3 days)
I took a new one, I think he even did'nt notice it because I was taking pictures of the dogs..hehe..sorry Daniel!
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Sewing table

Today I will show you some photos of my self-made sewing table. First I drew the outside of my Bernina on a cardboard, than cut it out until it perfectly matched the machine. With his card board I went to a glass shop. They cut me a plexiglass plate with this card board.
At home I layed out the plexiglass plate on the table and drew around. The hole is cut 1/2" smaller than this line, because you need some space to lay the plate upon. The plate is 1/8" thick, so we had to cut down the table on this 1/2" with a special tool for 1/8" so that the plexiglass fit into the hole and is evenly with the table.
After cutting the hole we had to built the support for the machine. The height of this case depends from your machine, mesure exactly!
Oh's not so easy for me to explain all this in English, but as you can see, I try very hard! :-)
I think you will understand what I mean when you see all the pictures......hopefully.... :-)
My sewing table looked like this before cutting the hole for the machine....

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Under the table, the backside of the case is a little bit larger to place all the cables. On the
left side you can see a little hole where the machine cables come out to the back

front of the case

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The case is open to the front of the machine, to change the bobbin and to fit the knee-lever for the machine foot

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The plexiglass ready cut to fit the machine
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter monday....

Surprise, surprise, we had snow during the night....

hmm..what's about my crocusses??
I'm not sewing for the moment because I'm cleaning up my house (it was soooo necessary)
So I will post you some old pictures I found on my PC...and I added a few new links with interesting blogs.
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