Saturday, February 16, 2008

My new "Old" Furniture

Isn't that beautiful?
All this is from an uncle of my grand mother. Dr Martin Klein. He was here in Luxembourg a very famous human doc.
Most of the furniture came back to his natal home after his death. A lot of this things were destructed in WWII by the german army.

another "vitrine", the same style than above.

A great ceramic dish with a hand-painted portrait of Dr Klein's best friend. Baron Raymond Seillière. After googling I found out that the Seillières are a very famous and rich family in France. I found out that Raymond Seillière lived for some years in New York City where he married. Perhaps someone, reading this knows something about this family? This portait is signed in 1894 by the painter Léon Lyon
de Schleifmühl.
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