Monday, June 9, 2008

UFO's (unfinished objects)

That's a row-Jane....An internet Dear Jane quilt-group started this project some years ago.
I made the first row with my favourite colors, I sent this first row with all the fabrics needed to the next one and so on. After some month the finished top came back to Luxembourg. The same time I got every month a top from another quilter to make a row.
I finished my top with the borders, quilted it by hand but hadn't the time to quilt the borders, since a few years it is waiting to be finished........
Yesterday I marked the borders with a flower design and began quilting the borders. I will show you the finished quilt soon....I hope!! ;-)

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siggiskreativblog said...

Hallo Fernande,
ich habe gerade Deinen Blog angeschaut und bin ganz fasziniert von Deinen Werken. Danke auch für Deine Geburtstagswünsche.
Liebe Grüße Siggi