Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tilda angel

Today I tried my first Tilda angel. The face isn't quiet finished because I don't have the colors to paint it....also her hair is a bit fuzzy , but I like my little angel :-)
It is from Ton Finnanger's book.
Around her neck she has a metallic golden thread with a tiny ladybug.
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Hutzefinnchen said...

Dein Engel ass jo wirklech seiss gin.Ech hun mech bis elo just un dem Ton Finnanger seng Huesen getraut , mä d'Engelcher kommen och nach un d'Reih.

Anonymous said...

I like the angel, it is perfect the way you made it, even without a face - leave it like it is.

Your angel inspires me to make an angel, too.