Friday, February 20, 2009

This and that......

For the moment I've nothing to show you :-(
My sewing machine is for two weeks out of the studio, she has to be repaired.
I'm missing my Bernina!!!
But so I have time to make other work. For the moment I'm working with my daughter on old furniture to restaure. Perhaps I will take some pics of this?? :-)

Also I changed my internet access from cable to DSL and that doesn't work properly for the moment.
May I ask you to have a little patience, things will come back to normal, I hope :-)

But I have something for you, a Link to a german site to make a little purse. The explanations are in German but she has so much pics on her site, I think you all will understand it.

Take care!

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Elvira said...

Hallo Fernande, ich versteht dich! Ohne Nähmaschine..... das geht doch nicht, aus dem Grund hab ich mir eine 2. gekauft, damit das jaaaa nicht passiert. Aber du findest ja genug andere Arbeit - und, vielleicht ist das mal ganz gut so, oder?
Liebe Grüße