Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Optical illusion

the quilting is done....
Marina, one of my blog-readers told me that the author of this quilt is a russian quilter...
on her website you can see the coming to life of this beautiful pattern....the site is in russian but you can use google as translator. You can even get the pattern on her site by clicking on the bottom of the page : P.S. on CXeMbl.
Thank you Marina for letting me know this information!
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Ela said...


Birgit Friese said...

Der Quilt ist hammermäßig, ich kann mich nicht sattsehen. LG Birgit

jolie said...

Very very beautiful.
Also thanks for the link of the Russian site. Downloaded the pattern.
I was very surprised because just yesterday I was talking about this quilt with a neighbour... I saw a small picture of this in a magazine.
Greetings from Marmaris - Turkey.

Johanne said...

So beautiful!
Have downloaded the pattern but I wonder what size you have made the blocks? See them a little small when you print them from the file.
Have you made them bigger?

I hope to start soon, it looks much as a time-consuming quilt, so for the winter it will be perfect.