Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Millau Viaduct


This bridge is a major attraction in Midi-Pyrénées (France), we passed here on our way back home. It spans a total distance of 2.460 m over the Tarn River. It holds the world record as the tallest bridge, with its highest pylon towering 343 m above the valley.
The bridge deck, the horizontal structure of the Viaduct which provides a roadway for traffic is made from thermo-mechanical steel and weighs in at 36.000 tons (5 X the weight of the Eiffel Tower in Paris).The piers, which support the bridge-deck, were constructed using 85.000 m3 of high-performance reinforced concrete. The steel pylons, towering masts that hold up the bridge-deck, thanks to 11 pairs of cable-stays, stand 90 m tall.
The profile of the viaduct is also original since it has a gentle slope and slightly curving trajectory. The construction cost 400 million Euro.
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