Monday, April 23, 2012

GOA (India)

March 31 2012 Goa is one of those famous states of India to have a fascinating history. In fact, of all other things the rich history of Goa has made this smallest state of India famous and has interested historians through years. The history of Goa, which is popularly known as the beach capital of India, dates back to 3rd century BC. It was during this time Goa became a part of Mauryan Empire.Colonial rule, glorious culture, oppressvice rulers make the rich history of Goa. Goa has an endless list of rulers which have ruled this state through many years. Starting from 4th century, Goa has been under the rule of various rulers. The feudal lords of Mauryan Empire, of the 4th-5th centuries, Bhojas, were the first to rule Goa. Some other kingdoms to have ruled Goa include Kadamba Dynasty, Silahara Dynasty and the Hoysalas from the 11th do 14th century.

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