Thursday, August 15, 2013

to turn the fabric under I use a toothpick (am I doing toothpick-turning?). I have the toothpick allways
between my lips so it is allways a little bit wet, that helps a lot to catch the fabric to turn it under .
But that is MY way to do it, I appliqued the Dutch Treat Quilt with this toothpick method and it worked fine for me, it's not my invention, I got this tip on a group who worked on the DT quilt.
It's up to you to turn it with your needle or to give the toothpick a try! :-)
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Kirsten said...

We must be twins! I am also a toothpick turner who appliqués with the toothpick in my mouth! BEST thing to turn the fabric with ease...
Cheerio Kirsten :)

Marjorie said...

Very clever! I'm a needle turner, but I can definitely see the potential to try a toothpick! Will try it on my next applique project.